Electric pet pedicure
Electric pet pedicure
Electric pet pedicure
Electric pet pedicure
Electric pet pedicure
Electric pet pedicure

Electric pet pedicure

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When you cut the nails, does the dog complain or feel uncomfortable or feel pain? Do not worry, it's more frequent than it seems, cutting a dog's nails is a task that seems very simple but requires some basic notions and some practice because if you cut too much the nail you can make an injury or even make what blood

 That´s why you need this electric filer  it will not create a contusion in the parts of your pet, you can go cutting to size without cutting


❌ Is it only for aesthetics?

Not only is it an aesthetic issue, it also affects the health of your dog since the correct maintenance of the nails will prevent them from breaking.

❌ Why not leave long nails

Long nails can hinder your dog's walking and lead to more serious problems related to bones and joints. As you can see, cutting your dog's nails is more important than you thought, so Go ahead!

When to cut a dog's nails?

Although there is not a predetermined frequency, there is a trick to know if your dog needs a nail cut, and it is as simple as listening to his steps around the house, if you hear that typical 'clinclinclin' is that he needs to cut himself.

⭐ How to cut a dog's nails 

Follow these instructions to cut your dog's nails and keep them in good condition.


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we´re running extremely low these, so urry and order yours before they are all gone.

How long will it take to recibe my order? 

Due to high demand,your product may take up 2-3 weeks to arrive (depending on location). We source products from all over the workd to brind you epic offers and the lowest prices. This means sometimes you have to wait a Little longer to get your order but it´s always worth it!